A citizens' referendum for a better cycling infrastructure

Join in now – for a city worth living in.

Our goals

Our mission is (better) bike lanes. We want the bike lanes and walkways in Offenbach to become safer, more comfortable and self-explanatory. We want to have good bike lanes and walkways, especially for the weaker ones in daily traffic. This requires a seamless, dense network of main and secondary bike lanes and walkways, barrier-free kerbs, green light priority for cyclists and adequate bike parking facilities. One of the goals we are currently discussing is to establish continuous bike lanes separated from other traffic along Offenbach's main roads. Why this makes sense is explained here. The whole idea should be embedded in an overall concept for safe cycling infrastructure.

How could this actually be achieved?

The citizens of the city will be given the opportunity to decide on our demands. The municipality of Offenbach will then be obliged to realize our goals. This is called: Citizens' referendum (in German: Bürgerentscheid)

Where's the money coming from?

There are many possibilities for savings, even in Offenbach, in favour of a better cycling infrastructure. The cycling portal of the Federal Ministry of Transport shows funding opportunities.

Citizens' referendum Radentscheid Offenbach am Main